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A Brief Insight into Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a setup that allows multiple websites to use a single server for their operations. In this system, the creator of one website will not have any idea of whom or what Websites are being shared with the single server sources. The amount of server sources That can be used by each customer is limited, which is defined by the hosting package selected by The customer. Now let us get into the nerve of the concept of shared Hosting.

Any website on the internet is essentially stored or ”hosted” on a server, i.e., a computer type. This allows the website to become publicly available to the users. Whenever someone enters the website’s URL into The browser, the particular address is used to determine its location. Furthermore, the browser requests the information about the website from the server.

Essential Data is available in this server, and the given browser contains this web page. The site can be accessed through pages, filling out forms and using links, etc.

Some features that are significant when choosing a quality shared hosting plan:

•Disk space – Small sized business must have at least 100 GB of storage for better functioning.

•RAM – The amount of processing power determines data transfer speed.

•Bandwidth – It is best to get a plan that does not limit your bandwidth, no matter how shows big Your business.

•Uptime – Its percentage also has equal importance as it provides you how much time you spend on that hosting website.

•Support – They also provide support to their users as there is a dedicated team to resolve your issues if you face any while working.

•Pricing – For those who are just started their business, the shared host pricing is a huge perk for Them.

•Ease of use – It means the website must be ads-free, work fluently, update its contents regularly.

Pros of Shared Hosting:

• When we are traveling through public transport it costs as much as low as private vehicles Because in public transport resources, i.e., bus/train shared between people & costs short.

• In the same way, this is how Shared hosting works, i.e., on a single website, multiple users Works and that that’s why it is less expensive.

• It can be self-manageable and monitored by self.

• Shared Hosting is advantageous as it is quite affordable.

• There is no need to possess any special knowledge regarding the administration of the website and server. The hosting provider has to take care of the administration.

Cons of Shared Hosting:

• Shared Hosting can also prove to be disadvantageous as it lacks software stack control of your sites.

• Thus, an isolated environment, along with full root access, will not be provided to your site. Hacking attacks are prevalent in the case of shared servers.

• Whole network of websites is affected by any malicious activity in the server.

• Server uses the same CPU, memory, and disc space That’s why there are resource limitations.

• You don’t have access to use software other than provided by the hosting provider.

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Measures to mitigate the risks of shared Hosting: 

•Install a Security Plugin – If a hacker on your shared platform is trying to access your site or execute malicious commands, the security plugin should detect it and alert you.

•Review Your Shared Host – You can check with the reviews of other customers. You can also contact the customer support team via chat or call as hackers on a shared server attempt to gain access to your WordPress files. As you always heard, “Prevention is better than cure,” so you can prevent hacking by allowing the files’ entry only to the website owner to ensure safety.

•Block PHP Execution – You can prevent hackers from carrying out their activities by blocking PHP execution in untrusted folders. You can do this manually.

If you are implementing these steps while using shared Hosting, you can protect your sites and secure your data.

Who should use Shared Hosting?

Are you landing first time in the marketing zone? Are you a newbie in digital business? If yes, then I recommend you to go to shared Hosting as it is affordable for your initial days. It provides you a wide range of facilities that can enhance your organic growth in the digital world.

You can opt for shared Hosting if your monthly traffic is up to 100k and you don’t require any additional web hosting features. You can opt for Shared Hosting is a reliable option for a small business such as e-commerce sites, blogs, portfolios, individual websites, and database-driven sites.

If your site comes under any one of these categories, then I recommend you for shared Hosting. Once the business develops and new business gets generated, then in such a case, more investment would be required.