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6 Important Things to know Before You Purchase Domain Name in 2021

It always feels exciting to decide and purchase domain name for the site. While buying a domain name for the first time, people make some mistakes. There many crucial factors new site owners and bloggers don’t know, which leads them towards suffering. One wrong domain can quickly spoil your all efforts. 

This article aims to guide people about domain names and its selection. We hope with this  article we can help you to puchase domain name.

purchase domain name

where does the domain name of a website primarily sit?

The domain name stands for the URL of your website. The domain name of a website primarily sits in URL of your website. Domain name consists site name and domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in

For example 

if site address www.serverforhost.com

Domain name is



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Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Domain Name

There are billions of sites on the internet, but very few can appear in search results. From these few sites, some site becomes a ‘Brand’ on the internet. To build a brand and to get the best ranks in SERP, you need a creative yet suitable name for your blog. At Serverforhost, we decided to conduct a survey. After we did it, we got some idea about what mistakes people make while buying the domain name.

We decided to reveal some tips and factors to keep in mind before purchasing a website’s domain name. So, let’s see what those factors are.

1.Select Your Niche First

In our research at ServerForHost, we found that many bloggers change their minds after writing a few blogs, and they change the subject or niche of their site. This will harm your rankings, Trust flow, and domain authority badly. We firmly believe that bloggers must choose their niche before going to buy a domain. 

Benefits of Deciding Niche

  1. You can buy domains related to your niche.
  2. You can develop domain ideas by visiting sites that belong to the same niche.
  3. You can understand the depth of niche, competition, scope, and opportunities. 
  4. You can avoid future losses due to niche changes.
  5. You can plan your site content more appropriately.

2.When you purchase domain name keep it Compact 

Search Engines hate lengthy domain names. In our study, we saw compact Domain Names are taking higher ranks than larger domain names. We want to recommend you to keep your domain name as tiny as possible. Many other experts also claim that smaller domain name ranks faster and higher. You must purchase a domain name having lesser characters than 13. Big domain names are hard to read, as there is no space between words. Visitors of the website can quickly memorize smaller domains. 

3.Select Best Domain Extensions

Domain extensions are end part of the domain name like .com, .in, .net . org. These extensions represent different countries, industries, and organizations. It also refers to different TLDs. The domain name extensions have different weightage when in SEO. You must be aware of your website’s purpose and the purpose and meaning of your domain extension. 

What are the different Domain Extensions? 

There are many types of domain extensions. Let’s see one by one in the below table.

Popular Domain TLDs


intended use

Who can use?




Everyone can use this domain extension. As it is open to use for everyone like organisation, individuals, companies. This domain was created to be used by business houses but now its world wide popular and became the first choice for all.




This is also open to use extension. Primarily created for Non profit organization. Still this domain is used by non profit organizations. 




This open to use extension can be used by anyone. This extension is started mainly for networks and umbrella sites.




This Extension is restricted for use. Only Higher secondary educational institutes, universities can use this domain extension.



These extensions are open to using and have a high value. You must understand where your company or site fits in. You must check the availability of .com as the first choice as it’s easy to rank the best for SEO. If .com is not available and if changing name is impossible for you, you can get .net, .org, or .info domains. These are popular domain TLDs.

Country Code Domain Extensions

Apart from these main TLDs, we also have country-specific domain names. These extensions point out the country of business or origin. like .in for India, .US for the USA, the UK for the United Kingdom. If you want to be recognized by your origin, you can choose country code domains. Many domains like .in, UK, US, are internationalized. Still, many SEO experts say that if you want to focus on visitors from a specific country, we shall choose these country code domains. 

4. Check Prices & Offers

You must check Domain Prices before you buy. A domain name’s price can be changed as per the domain name provider’s policies, Discounts, and other offers. You can find the best domain prices with highly discounted rates. Please check renewal price while purchasing domain as some companies charge heavily on renewal. So we will recommend you to check out prices and domain availability. 

5.Importance of Technical support and security

Will you feel good if someone steals your hard-earned money and efforts? No one will say yes. Domain hijacking is standard practice by hackers, and we must be aware of the risks. We should check whether the company is giving domain lock, security systems with the domain. Companies like ServerForHost cares for their client’s security. It’s tough and expensive to get the site back after getting hacked, so spending a small amount on an SSL certificate, Site Lock is wiser. 

6. Add focus keyword in your domain name

We recommend you to use your focus keyword in your domain. Try to purchase domain name which start or ends with your keyword. Using main keyword in your domain name will help you alot in page rankings. ease of doing Search Engine optimization is a considerable factor, you should keep in mind when you purchase domain name.


We can say if we research, understand and stay alert then we can avoid future losses and sufferings. At ServerForHost we believe in providing best prices with high security. You can check our availability of any domain name on ServerForHost.com to purchase domain name