Linux VPS Hosting

Server For Host provides the best Linux VPS hosting loaded with plenty of features. Our Linux VPS hosting will help your business to grow in a short span of time. Linux is a free of charge open-source software that takes a little time to get used to.

Server For host offers safe and secure Linux VPS hosting since we understand the significance of your company data. Your information will be stored on a cloud since you won't be sharing any web space with any other website your data will be safe. On top of that, the server will create regular backups to protect your data.

Clients can access their control panel using their web credentials and you will also get a dedicated IP address. No one else will have access to your account and you will have all the resources to yourself.

Why choose US

Extra features

You will have plenty of features that meet your requirements. Plus we also provide our client's extra features free of cost. We do everything we can to provide you the necessary support required to grow.

Operating System

Server For Host Provides Linux Distros such as CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse, and Scientific. If you are familiar with these operating systems then you will find our hosting services quite easy to use.

VPS Features

You can perform several tasks with our Linux VPS hosting such as Reboot, shutdown, reinstall, serial console, bandwidth monitoring, server statistics, and resource monitoring.

Control panel

We also provide free of cost control panels like Virtualmin, Kloxo, and CWP and a paid cPanel / WHM.

Resilient Infrastructure

This particular feature gives your website the additional boost it requires to achieve the desired result. Here are some of the features that we offer with our Linux VPS hosting: Dual Octa Core server, 256GB Server RAM, Redundant network, Multi-home career neutral bandwidth, Uninterrupted power supply, Dual active unique power sources, Dual redundant generator sets, Dual redundant UPS systems, Dual power to the server, Tier 4 Datacenter.

Extra VPS features

Not only that you also get more VPS features such as full root access, unlimited domain hosting, and unlimited email accounts, support for two IPs-IPv4, and IPv6.

Programming Languages

We also provide access to several backend programming languages needed in web development. This means you can create as many website pages as you like and you will be able to run the applications with great ease.

Round the clock support

Our support staff would be available round the clock eagerly awaiting your queries. We will be more than glad to resolve all your concerns in a timely manner.

Unbeatable prices

Our Linux VPS hosting plan is offered at a highly attractive price. We provide unbeatable prices to our clients that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPS hosting?

Virtual private servers are created through a process of virtualization using a hypervisor. Since you have a dedicated virtual server for your website you don't have to share the resources with any other website. Virtual private servers act as a dedicated server for the clients for less price.

Is VPS hosting affordable?

Virtual private servers are less expensive when compared to dedicated servers. In a dedicated server, you will end up paying a lot more for resources that you might not even use. In a virtual private server, you can easily scale your resources at an affordable price.

Is VPS hosting easy to use?

You will find VPS extremely easy to use performing multiple tasks without any difficulty. You can scale your resources, optimize performance, add and delete the software and much more.

Can I customize my VPS environment?

With our VPS hosting, you can customize your server environment as per your requirement. Clients will be given root access capabilities that allows you to install applications, resell hosting services, and host unlimited domains.

Is VPS hosting safe?

Virtual private servers are allotted to each client separately which means that they don't have to share the server with any other website. Making VPS one of the safest server environments for our clients.

Does VPS provide scalability?

One of the most prominent features that Virtual private servers provide is that the users can easily scale their resources whenever they encounter a lot of traffic on their website. In a situation where a particular server does not prove to be sufficient for your website, data can be transferred to additional servers.

Does ServerForHost provide VPS India host?

We are an Indian based web hosting company. Our servers are located in India and we provide the most affordable and reliable VPS hosting services for our clients in India.