SSL Certificates

In a virtual world, there is always an element of doubt when sending or receiving sensitive information. A large percentage of internet users leave websites when asked to provide any information about themselves, simply because the website was not a secure website. There is no better way of building users' trust than by enabling SSL on your Website

To allow you to secure your website, we offer Thawte SSL Certificates -

  • Thawte is a Verisign company, which was the first company worldwide to start offering digital certificates.
  • It is the oldest and the most reliable brand of Digital Certificates in the market today.
  • Thawte is a brand that is well-recognized by users worldwide and getting a Thawte digital certificate for your website will increase the level of comfort that your customers feel when they visit your website.

Partnership with the best in the industry! Our partnership with Thawte allows us to sell the most trusted brand of digital certificates. There are many cheaper digital certificate variants available in the market. Thawte is a Verisign company - the first company to start selling Digital certificates worldwide. Thawte is a well-recognized brand with respect to SSL certs, and displaying a Thawte seal on your website assures your customers that your certificate has been issued by the best in the industry.

Unmatched quality! Do not compromise on a SSL Cert by buying a cheaper brand. A large percentage of internet users leave websites when asked to provide any information about themselves, simply because the website was not a secure website. Even a single customer who leaves your website because they were not comfortable in submitting information to your website, may end up costing you far more than the cost of your SSL Cert. Thawte is a well-recognized brand in the SSL Cert space, and a Thawte seal assures your customers that you are serious about their security.

Choose the perfect one for you! We offer various different Digital Certificates to suite your Business Needs. Depending on your business size, and the importance of security on your website, you have various above options available to you for purchasing Digital Certificates.

The Thawte Trusted Site Seal

Once you have obtained a Thawte SSL certificate, you will be able to display the Thawte Trusted Site Seal on your website to upload onto their website. On the side is an example of the Thawte Trusted Seal. The Thawte Trusted Site Seal is a visible, real-time assurance for visitors to your website, that guarantees that the information they submit to your website is private. The Thawte Seal informs your Customers that your website is certified by the most trusted digital certificate provider on the Internet. Thawte is recognized world over as a premium certification authority. By clicking on the Thawte Trusted Site Seal, your website visitors will get real-time confirmation of the validity of the certificate on the web server that they are connected to.

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Comparison Chart SSL 123 Web Server Cert SGC Super Cert Wild Card Server Cert
Plan Details
Purchase Plan
Yearly Price INR
Per Year
INR 9000
Per Year
INR 20000
Per Year
INR 40000
Reissues Free! Free! Free! Free!
Encryption Level Upto
Upto 256-bit Upto 256-bit
with step-up to 128-bit
&Upto 256-bit
Step-Up Functionality - - -
Authentication Domain
Check and Quick
Business Verification
and Authentication
and Authentication
Business Verification
and Authentication
Average Issuance Speed Within minutes Less than 2 Days Less than 2 Days Less than 2 Days
Browser Compatibility Highest in
the industry
Highest in
the industry
Highest in
the industry
Highest in
the industry
Securing Web domains
Securing gateways
(e.g.. Citrix Secure Gateways)
Supports IDNs
Securing multiple
hosts for a domain on
the same server
- - -
Securing web forms
for e-commerce sites
Verification Process

Once you purchase a Digital Certificate, there are four steps you need to take before your Digital Certificate Enrollment Process is successfully completed.

Generating a Public and Private Key In case you have purchased Web Hosting for the Domain Name from us, you can generate a Public Key and Private Key from your Control Panel itself by entering certain requested information. Alternatively, if you have purchased Web Hosting from another service provider, you would need to get in touch with your Hosting provider to generate a Public Key and Private key.


The moment you receive your Private Key, please make a careful note of it. The Private Key is only known to the owner of the Digital Certificate ensuring security.

Submitting Details to thawte Next you need to submit certain information to Thawte for verification. This can be done from your Control Panel itself by following the steps given below:

  • Login to your Control Panel and search for the domain name for which you have ordered a Digital Certificate.
  • Upon clicking on the order, you need to click on the Enroll Certificate button.
  • Mention the details requested for verification, and then click on the Enroll button.

After you have enrolled for a Digital Certificate, thawte would contact your Corporate / Technical Contact and request that Contact to provide them with some documentation.

Once you have completed the enrollment process, Thawte would begin quickly verifying the data you have submitted to them and once satisfied, issue you your Digital Certificate. You can continue checking the status of your Digital Certificate request by clicking on the check certificate status in your Control Panel. This process could take anything from a few minutes to a couple of days, depending on the type of certificate purchased.

For any further queries with regard to authenticating your Digital Certificate, please visit:

  • INR 3000.00/year
  • INR 5500.00/2 year


  • INR 9000/year
  • INR 17000/2 year


  • INR 20000/year
  • INR 35000/2 year


  • INR 40000/year
  • IINR 75000/2 year


SSL 123 Features

  • Upto 256 bit encryption
  • Highest Browser Recognition in the industry
  • Quick Issue
  • Domain name verification
  • Thawte Trusted Site Seal
  • Unlimited Free Reissues
  • Supports IDN

This is an entry level certificate which provides basic validation and authentication for your Customers. If you require your SSL certificate immediately, and are setting up a basic web presence, this certificate is right for you.

Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your client's web browsers.